In 2020 we have celebrated the centenary of the birth of Gianni Rodari


Gianni Rodari, 100 years young

A hundred years have passed since the birth of Gianni Rodari, a number that leaves those who know him through his stories open-mouthed.
Indeed, for decades they have been telling the story of an ever-present reality every day, lucidly describing feelings that are still true, and in their smart simplicity they let us identify ourselves in them. In short, they are modern stories embodied in a 'classic' form: universal, eternal, perfect.


Thousands of stories for readers of all ages

Gianni has been able to give many shapes to imagination, through brainchilds that are still unmatched. This collection of stories is a small treasure for yesterday's and today's readers, and a great surprise awaits those of tomorrow: we have collected all of these stories for them.


100 times Rodari in 365 days

From October 23rd, 2019, for a whole year, Rodari's big and small fans will have not one, but 100 different opportunities to learn more about him! This section will become a showcase full of surprises: every three days, here you will find a new piece of content about Rodari. This is going to be a mine of images, games, stories, news, ideas that will build the large commemorative website which will be completed by October 23rd, 2020.