How to buy Gianni Rodari’s books

Where can I buy the books by Gianni Rodari?

In all bookstores, of course, and on online stores.

I'm a library / a school. Am I entitled to special conditions to purchase the books?

Yes, you are. We offer a 40% discount on the cover price (which you can find by checking our catalogue) to libraries and schools. Books are shipped at our expense, and orders must meet a €150.00 product minimum, calculated on the cover price of the ordered volumes. Orders must be sent by email to Monica Boschetti at and will be processed within ten days. Payment must be made within 60 days after invoice date by bank transfer (the data are indicated on the invoice).

Events for Schools, Bookstores, Libraries, Festivals… Anyone!

I’d like to organise an event, a reading or a conference about Gianni Rodari and his books, whom can I ask for advice, contacts and information?

To our Press and Events Office at this address:

I’m a theatre / theatre company / association / bookstore / school and I’ve organised an event to celebrate Gianni Rodari and his books. How do I promote it?

You can describe it to our Press and Events Office by writing an e-mail to We’ll add it to our events calendar and provide You with the centenary’s official logo, so that You can include it in Your communications.

I’m a big fan of Gianni Rodari’s books and would like to know if there are any events near me!

You can take a look at our events calendar.

Teachers, Educators, Parents

I don’t know Gianni Rodari very well, I’d like to know more about him and let his revolutionary pedagogy inspire me. Where should I start?

From The Grammar of Fantasy! And then the Telephone Tales… And all the others! If You need some advice, You can write to

Foreign Rights

I’m a foreign editor and would like to get more information to publish Rodari’s books in my country, whom can I contact?

You can write to Mara Nascimben at In the meantime, You can leaf through our latest guide to Gianni Rodari’s books clicking here.

Further Questions?

None of these FAQs helps me answer my questions!

You can write an e-mail to and we’ll see how we can help You.